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Collect deep, complex feedback.
Analyze it in a breeze.

Need to launch a survey? Collect employee feedback? Student feedback? We got your back.

Feedback collection
  • Easily create surveys and ask open questions to let individuals truly express themselves. You can also create multiple-choice questions and polls.

  • Share a link to the survey, create a QR code, integrate it into your website, and much more.

Complex insights made easy.
  • Derive objective and actionable insights from massive amounts of qualitative feedback.

  • For every insight, we provide evidence. You can therefore back up your decisions and act with confidence.

Track words like they were numbers.
  • Run multiple analyses within Survey Series to track feedback over time, enabling ongoing trend identification and an in-depth understanding of evolutions.

  • We identify themes and pain points from one analysis cycle to the next. Their evolution is quantified for a quick overview, and in-depth reports are generated.

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